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If a picture is worth a 1,000 words.
Then here are about 50,000 words.


Pictures tell a story, so I guess this is my story.

My thanks to everyone that helped pull pictures together after the fire.

I still need rock climbing & scuba pictures (from before the fire)
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2013 Pictures of my Skydiving friends

2013 Skydiving pictures of me


Just Random Pictures here

pict00.JPG pict01.jpg pict02.jpg
pict03.jpg pict04.jpg pict05.jpg
pict06.jpg pict07.jpg pict08.jpg
pict09.JPG pict10.jpg pict11.jpg



With over 1,000 jumps in 20 years I had hundreds of pictures, most of them lost in the house fire, but luckily there were copies of most of them, and this group will continue to grow.
SkyDive01.jpg SkyDive02.jpg Betty on her Second Tandem Jump
Betty on her Second Tandem Jump Betty on her Second Tandem Jump Teaching a student
Everyone on my 1,000th jump On Jump Run (my 1,000th jump) On Jump Run (my 1,000th jump)
My 1,000th Jump 18 of the 20 made it in The Original Delusion Skydiving Team,  The Maryland Tean for the Nationals for 4 years.... I was the Captain.


The Relentless

Never have I put so much work into something that keeps breaking.
But there is something about the older boats. When someone walks right past a brand new boat, and walks up to mine, and tells me how great it looks, makes it all worthwhile. This is my summer home, you will find me here most weekends from spring to fall (and a lot of weekdays also).
details at the bottom of the table
Rough looking, but it floats These two pictures are what the Relentless looked like when I bought it. It was in very bad shape after sitting for over 4 years without being run Doing 45 mph in two feet of water, if I would have slowed down I would have ripped the bottom off, but I didn't know it was 2 feet deep there (thats what they all say)
The first year was spent getting all the mechanical working, including a new engine.
What an ugly duckling Man the boat looks small without the strips. You have no idea how long it took to sand.

The second year was spent getting to boat looking better, all vinyl was stripped, and the whole hull was wet sanded and compounded, a full camper top was added, and all new vinyl was installed.
The pictures below will show that it was worth it.

You can get an idea how big the Relentless is, thats me standing behind it.

By the end of year 3 was it all worthwhile?

You decide

Ever wonder how they get boats this size in and out of the water? .... Now you know

Year 4 the interior


Details soon


I made the cover of Coastal Fisherman Magazine
OK I'm not really a fisherman, but I was invited to go Shark Fishing (a first for me), and I caught the first Mako Shark of the season. It took 45 minutes to reel this bad boy in, and it felt like I had a truck on the other end of the line.
There are a bunch more pictures if BRIAN would get them to me.
Click on the picture to read the article


My First (and only) attempt at being a Male Model

Some friends of mine have a club in Baltimore, and they asked to pose for an ad layout they were doing (I guess they liked the way I looked in my leathers). The only way they would let me post the pictures on the web was to remove the backgrounds (I guess to protect the innocent)
ThemeClub01.jpg ThemeClub02.jpg ThemeClub03.jpg
ThemeClub04.JPG ThemeClub05.jpg ThemeClub08.JPG
ThemeClub09.JPG ThemeClub10.jpg ThemeClub11.gif
ThemeClub12.jpg ThemeClub13.jpg ThemeClub14.JPG
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