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Gibson Research Corporation Home of the Internet's quickest, most popular, reliable and trusted, free Internet security checkup and information service. ShieldsUP! When I'm checking someone's computer or network, this is generally the first test I run.

On this site you will find independent comparatives of Anti-Virus software. All products listed in their comparatives are already a selection of some very good anti-virus products. In order to get included in our main tests, vendors must fulfill various conditions and minimum requirements.
DNS Stuff A Great web site to look up all kinds of info about IP addresses or domain names.
DNS Report A very large percentage of domains have DNS problems; this site will help you find those problems and fix them. Also, the "Mail Test" tool will help find mail delivery problems for your domain.
For the DNS Report, all you need to do is enter the domain name you wish to have the report made for.
Top 100 Network Security Tools Anyone in the security field would be well advised to go over the list and investigate tools they are unfamiliar with. Anyone wanting to learn more about Internet/Network Security should visit this site.
The File Extension Source Ever had someone send you a file with a strange extension and you did not have any idea what program to use to open it? This site lets you look up extensions and find the program that created it.
KiXtart.org, Homepage of KiXtart Need to write login scripts, here is the greatest tool for login scripts.

McAfee Internet Connection Speedometer

SpeakEasy Speed Test

Nice Internet Speed Test sites
VideoHelp.com Want to learn how to burn a DVD?
Want to learn what DVD burner is the best?
This site is the De Facto source for info on DVD's VCD's copying DVD's.
The World's Largest UPS  Service Center When my UPS failed, I had no idea that there was someone LOCAL that could fix it in 2 days! These guys are GREAT.
AntennaWeb.org Whether the antenna you want is for use with a home satellite system, high-definition television (HDTV) or a traditional analog set, this site, based on geographical maps and signal strengths, will show you what you need to know to buy the right antenna.
changedetection.com Now anyone can automatically monitor any web page for changes and get an eMail any time that site changes (great for keeping up on security updates.
Google Search Link Provides you with custom tools to add a Google search link to your web site.
Remove Links from Google Lets you remove dead links from Google
Add a Site to Google Lets you submit a site to the Google Search Engine
The BBS Documentary The history of BBS's (the internet, before the internet), what's cool for me about this page is that I ran a BBS years ago, and there are references to my BBS on this site.
Flight 405: The Movie The acclaimed digital short about a jumbo jet crash-landing on a real busy L.A. freeway. Probably the most amazing factoids about 405 are that it wasn't created by an army of special-effects artists, it didn't take years to complete, and it did not cost a million dollars.
Warriors of the Net Want to know how the Internet works? And have fun at the same time? A short movie that gives you the basics and leaves you smiling when it's done.

Flight Level 350

Flight School List

Over the years these sites have accumulated many fascinating and educational aviation-related videos.  Some depict terrible accidents, while others are just plain cool.
Krebs on Security Was named the “Best Non-Technical Security Blog“ in 2010, a daily "Must Read" for systems administrators, or anyone interested in internet security
Norman SandBox information center Very unique way to test for viruses, submit a file online to test for all forms of Malware
Portable web browser & eMail that runs from your USB Drive The Mozilla Firefox web browser is an excellent alternative to Internet Explorer, and this portable version of it will run completely from a USB key
BootDisk.info The web resource for bootable Media´s
SysItnternals Free Utilities for System Administrators from Microsoft.
NASA Astronomy Picture of the day If you have any interest in Astronomy, visit this site once a day
Schneier on Security A blog covering security and security technology.
freshnews.org Great site for hourly "TECH" news
Internet status links This list was originally compiled from a survey of ISC users. Other sites have been added since then based on recommendations from our group of ISC handlers. The ISC is not responsible for the content of any of these sites.
Link to Amateur Radio "Top Listed" Site
My Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) Stats
Scott Gillis (N3UJJ) Page Counter

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